The dimensional doors are found in the overworld and the Moon.They can lead to different dimensions on Tekkit.The dimensional doors come in 2 versions; iron and wood.It is said that wooden doors are safer as they bring the player to a safer dimension but iron ones often lead to hostile dimensions.

How Do I Find Dimensional Doors?Edit

Dimensional doors can be both be found on the Overworld and the Moon.Dimensional doors come in singles on top of chissled bricks with 2 columns of chissled brick on either side.They can be found in any biome aswell.

Wood Or Iron?Edit

Wooden dimensional doors are less expenive to craft as 2 wooden doors and an ender pearl are needed instead of 2 iron doors and an ender pearl.Wooden doors are safer than iron doors as they lead into mostly safe dimensions with no hostile mobs or hazards.

Iron doors are more hostile and have the same rarity as wooden doors.They are more expenive to craft than wooden doors as 2 iron doors are required instead of 2 wooden doors.