The Magmatic Engine is a power generator added by the Thermal Expansion mod. It generates a maximum of 4 Minecraft Joules per tick and works strictly on lava. The lava can be pumped in through Logistic Waterproof pipes or Buildcraft Waterproof Pipes. Lava can also be inserted manually by right-clicking the engine with a lava bucket in hand. If there is lava stored in the generator and it is connected to a powered machine or storage unit, it will begin to generate power automatically without the need of a redstone signal. The redstone settings of the engine can be configured by clicking the redstone icon in the top-right corner of the generator interface to change the way it acts to redstone. The Minecraft Joules generated can then be transported directly to a machine that requires power, or it can be transported to a Redstone Energy Cell to store the power for later use. You can use either Conductive Pipes (Kinesis Pipes) or Redstone Energy Conduits to transport the power out of the generator. The engine can also be placed directly next to a machine or storage unit to cut out the need of Conductive Pipes or Redstone Energy Conduits. The Magmatic Engine will not explode when it is heated and working overtime.