The Pulverizer is a block added by the Thermal Expansion mod. It's main function is to turn metal ores into metal dusts. These dusts can then be smelted into ingots. Pulverizing a block of ore produces two dusts. Each dust turns into one ingot. Therefore, pulverizing effectively doubles your metal production.

When pulverizing, there is also a chance to produce a secondary product. Each ore has a specific secondary product when pulverized.


The pulverizer requires power to function. A simple early set up would be to directly connect it to a Steam Dynamo or a Magmatic Dynamo. This pairs nicely with a Redstone Furnace which operates in a very similar way.

The pulverizer has an internal power storage of 48,000MJ.    


Crafting GUI.png


Copper Ingot


Machine Frame

Redstone Reception Coil


Copper Ingot


Grid Machine Frame-0
Grid Pulverizer-0
Grid Redstone Reception Coil-0
Grid Flint-0
Input Primary Output Secondary Output Chance of Secondary Output
Stone Cobblestone
Cobblestone Sand Gravel 10%
Gravel Flint
Glass Sand
Sandstone Sand (x2) Niter 20%
Netherrack Cobblestone Sulphur 20%
Wood Wood Pulp
Gold Ore Pulverized Gold Ore Rare Earth Lode 5%
Iron Ore Pulverized Iron Ore Rare Earth Lode 5%
Rare Earth Lode Pulverized Rare Earth
Blaze Rod Blaze Powder (x4) Sulphur 50%
Bone Bone Meal (x6)
Reed Sugar (x2)
Ferrous Ore Pulv. Ferrous Dust Pulv. Shiny Dust

Note: At this time the Rare Earth has no direct use. Template:Te-navigation